Date: Jun 4, 1995 9:23 PM
Subject: Re: meaningful standards (2nd...

Although not a teacher I can remember when I was a student.  I placed upon
myself the responsibility to learn from any teacher, whether that teacher was
good, or bad (and there is no uniformity in that respect). My perception is
that good students now, generally, have the attitude that it isnot their
responsibility to learn. I wonder if the broad exposure kids have had to
mass media over the last couple of decades have caused kids to expect to sit
there passively and be spoon fed education in the same way that television
entertains them.

Obviously, other things are at work as well. More single parent households
and, even where you have traditional mom and dad type configuration, more
moms in the work place with more latch key kids as a result.

I have another question. Would the elimination of the department of
education help, or hurt, education at the local level. If so, why (or why

Bart Becker