Date: Jun 5, 1995 2:32 PM
Author: Michael Paul Goldenberg
Subject: Re: history time line list

I apologize for sending two messages on this, but I thought folks who are 
interested in this particular debate would want to see a fuller context
of the notorious time line assignment. This was sent to me last week by a
colleague. Not wishing to compound my breach of Netiquette, I have
deleted the comments that were added. I hope people will feel more able
to effectively evaluate this assignment in light of this additional

> Back to business: I have one of the _Investigating Mathematics_ books (I
> don't know what grade level), which has the following on page 7.
> ************************
> Discovery of the ozone hole First reported case of AIDS
> Start and end of the Black Plague Stock market crash of the Great Depres'n
> Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill Start of the US freeway system
> World pop. reached 1 billion Discovery of polio vaccine
> First US city to have 1 million people First African-American in US Congress
> Completion of transcontinental RR Dupont chemical plant disaster in India
> Soviet nuclear plant explosion Spices brought froom the Far East
> Tomato introduced in Europe Great famine in Ethiopia
> Discovery of bacteria
> Use the list of historical events above, or one developed by your class, to
> design and make a timeline.
> ...
> Think of a kind of timeline you or your group would like to make. Some
> suggested topics are shown below.
> ...
> -the US space program
> -major events in the history of your state or city
> -history of a sport
> -development of the music recording industry
> -growth and development of a living animal or plant
> -history of the country where one of your parents or ancestors was born
> ...
> Genealogy is the study of a family tree. Make a family timeline to show
> some important dates in your family, such as births or marriages.
> Find out about the calendar of events for your school year. Make a
> timeline to show the school calendar.
> **********************************


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