Date: Jun 9, 1995 9:27 AM
Author: Andy Isaacs
Subject: TIMS

Recently, several people have mentioned TIMS (Teaching Integrated
Mathematics and Science), and since I work for TIMS, I thought I'd update
what was posted.

Currently, the TIMS Project has two different products. One is a
comprehensive mathematics curriculum for grades K to 5. This curriculum is
one of several that NSF funded in an effort to produce elementary
mathematics curricula embodying the ideas outlined in the NCTM Standards.
The materials will be published by the Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company,
with grades 1-3 available for the 96-97 academic year and K, 4, and 5 for
AY 97-8. The name of the curriculum is Voyager: A Mathematical Journey
Using Science and Language Arts.

The other TIMS product is a set of about 150 hands-on math/science labs for
grades K to 9. These labs use the laboratory method that Richard Fouchaux
mentioned. Many of the labs have been modified for use in Voyager.

(R. Fouchaux also mentioned that our labs take at least twice as long as we
predict. He's not the only one who has noted this, and we are trying to be
more realistic. Still, it is hard to know how long extended investigations
like our labs will take; a lot depends on the teacher and the prior
experience of the students.)

If you'd like more information about TIMS, please email us at

Andy Isaacs
TIMS Project UIC-IMSE (M/C 250)
University of Illinois at Chicago 840 W. Taylor, Rm 2075 SEL Chicago, IL 60607-7019