Date: Jun 25, 1995 4:52 PM
Subject: Character assasination


A couple of days ago I made the following post which I stand behind.

>BTW. Why isn't everyone buzzing over the Assessment Standards? I'm
particularly interested in the "Equity Standard" >on pages 15 and 16.

>On page 15, "Assessments have too often ignored differences in students'
experiences, physical condition, gender, ethnic, >cultural, and social
backgrounds in an effort to be fair. This practice has led to assessments
that do not take differences >among students into account."

>Lovely. So standards to the NCTM really mean standards depending on not what
kind of mathematician you are, but >rather what type of person you are.

I stand behind this post. However, in the past several days, It's been said
explicitly and implicitly that I'm:

a) paranoid in a public post
b) a threat to my students in a private post
c) a racist in a private post.

I really don't care that much except this pretty well parallels the kind of
treatment one encounters if you challenge the conventional wisdom of the
academy and in this case the NCTM.( And please don't misunderstand, the NCTM
isn't involved in this in anyway except it happened on this forum.) This kind
of abuse reflects a McCarthyism of the Left where any disagreement
automatically labels you as paranoid or a racist.

Imagine believing equity really means equal treatment, then being labeled a
racist for it. Under these rules MLK was one hell of a racist, wasn't he?

But that's America of the 1990's for you. Interesting, isn't it?


Dan Hart