Date: Jun 30, 1995 11:44 AM
Author: Bob Wilson
Subject: blocks

It seems that most of the discussion on block scheduling seems to be dealing
with every "block" being the same, e.g., 90 minutes. Someone responded that
this was great for lab classes, and I can certainly see that. Is there anyone
out there that deals with a different type of block scheduling, maybe where a
block equals 30 minutes, but different disciplines would utilize a different
number of blocks and a different number of class meetings? A rough example
might be that a foreign language would meet every day, but for one 30 minute
block while a chemistry lab class might only meet once or twice a week for
three or four (this is only an example; I don't know how much time a foreign
class might require). There could even be other times set up for large group
lecture/discussion/presentations. Just curious. I'm sure it would be a
logistical nightmare at first and that may be a serious barrier.