Date: Mar 1, 1995 4:47 PM
Author: Ronald A Ward
Subject: Everybody Counts

In reply to my posting suggesting that we expand our focus to include all 
three NCTM Standards publications [Curriculum and Evaluation,
Professional, Draft Assessment], one member of the NCTM Board wrote to
suggest that we also include related reform documents such as Everybody

So, to generate some discussion of that document leading up to the Boston
meetings, I will periodically ask some questions related to the content
of that document. I will do so "by chapters" so that, if you have not yet
read the booklet, you could easily work your way thru it a little at a time.
To get started, then, here are just a few questions related to Chapter One:

1. How do you think we can prepare students to be "mentally fit"
workers? What is it specifically that makes mathematics a prerequisite
to so many jobs? What is necessary as a foundation for "lifelong learning"?

2. Do you agree with the statement "Most teachers teach as they were
taught, not as they were taught to teach"?

3. Do you think that differences in accomplishment in school mathematics
are due primarily to differences in innate ability, to differences in
individual effort, or to differences in opportunity to learn?

4. What's wrong with "remediation" as a means of reaching "students at

Well, that ought to be enough to get started. Happy reading--Everybody
Counts is a well written and very provocative little book. :)

Ron Ward/Western Washington U/Bellingham, WA 98225