Date: Mar 15, 1995 11:06 AM
Subject: helping teachers

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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 9:04:38 -0700 (MST)
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Subject: What do we do for teachers?

In response to Tad's comments about Ron's questions (actually about
someone else's answers to Ron's questions--anyway) Tad asked if
teachers are dropping out of teaching because they are not respected
by administrators, what would we do for teachers? As one (a teacher)
my biggest sadness and frustration right now is the lack of respect
for teachers on the part of the public. At least SOME of our
administrators give GREAT respect for teachers and what we do--some
]of them actually understand what it is we do. The public, on the
other hand (and I know it isn't ALL of the public) right now in
New Mexico is gleefully writing letters to the editors and calling
talk shows to put forth their blinding and insulting ignornance about
what we do--and their deep and abiding disrespect (hatred?) for us.
They talk about our being overpaid (we are 47th--round there--in the
nation and the lowest in our region in terms of pay) and how teaching
is really only a part-time job ("I don't care what you say"), and how
we just ought to be happy we have jobs at all. If anything makes me
want to quit it's just this kind of idiocy. It is SO painful to
sacrifice my time and money to do something I think is REALLY important
and then get this kind of response. Many of the parents I've worked
with over the years are VERY happy with my work and the work of my
colleagues--they can't imagine how we do what we do and are very
grateful to us. Sadly enough, they aren't writing or calling.

Tad, if we could SOMEHOW inform the public, I think that would help
teachers. The thing about teaching is that EVERYBODY has been to
school and has had teachers and so they think they know all there
is to know about teaching. I remember what Roger Mudd said at the
end of the acclaimed PBS series
"Learning in America" in reference to elementary school teachers:
"No matter who you are, no matter what you do, they work harder
than you do." It made me cry! But the public DIDN'T HEAR IT.
Those stalwarts of knowledge about education in our country were
watching something else. (Whew! Sorry to sound so bitter!!)

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