Date: Mar 17, 1995 11:28 AM
Author: Ihor Charischak
Subject: CLIME (Technology & Math) Meeting in Boston

The Council for Logo & Technology in Mathematics Education (better known as
CLIME) will be holding its 9th annual meeting during the Boston/NCTM.

Time: Thursday, April 6th, 4:30-6:30 PM
Place: Sheraton Gardner Room (A & B)

CLIME's mission is to support and faciliate the effective use of technology
in mathematics education. It is the only technology oriented affiliate
group of NCTM.

The agenda for the meeting includes :

*John Olive (U. of Georgia) - The use of the Internet in the Math Classroom
*Chris Hancock (TERC) - Data analysis with the new dynamic database program
*Ihor Charischak (Stevens Institute of Technology) - The use of
spreadsheets in prealgebra and algebra

***Two Video classroom vignettes***
*Robert Berkman (Bank Street School, New York, NY) leads his 7th grade
class in exploring random events with Logo Software and spreadsheets (His
lesson was recently discussed in an issue of "Mathematics Teaching in the
Middle School". Jan.-Mar. 1995)
*Toby Caplin (Graham & Parks School, Cambridge MA) uses an inquiry learning
strategy with her 6th graders to explore the area of triangles with the
software program - Geometry Inventor.

*Affiliate group matters, election of officers and CLIME's future direction.
*Also on the table is to discuss what role CLIME might play in influencing
NCTM in regards to the Internet revolution. Interestingly, out of 1062
sessions at the Boston meeting only 6 deal directly with the use of the
Internet. It seems that this topic warrents more discussion.

*A historical footnote*
Back in 1992 CLIME proposed a resolution to NCTM to establish an advisory
committee on technology issues in mathematics education. Though the
proposal was almost unanimously approved by the delegate assembly, no such
committee was established. Rather a task force was created (on which I was
a member) to look into what needed to be done. The upshot was an update of
NCTM position papers on technology. It might be time again to push on NCTM
to pay closer attention to the impact of the information superhighway on
mathematics education. Your input on this matter will be appreciated.

I hope you can make this meeting!

-Ihor Charischak
Founder of CLIME