Date: Mar 18, 1995 10:04 PM
Author: Rick Simon
Subject: Re: Kirby's remarks, and replies

I certainly wouldn't begin to try to defend Mrs. Kirby, and I "ditto" the 
things said by previous posters in replying publicly to her. However...

I would like to point out that Eileen teaches at the elementary level. The
great majority of elementary teachers are dedicated and doing a marvelous job
under (in many cases) very exasperating circumstances, especially when they
face what Eileen described. I have a friend who has faced exactly those
circumstances in Boise, Idaho, for the past seven years. Her heart breaks for
the kids she can't begin to touch because of the problems going on in their

While there are many excellent teachers at the secondary level, it seems
fairly common there to find p.e. coaches or history teachers, etc. assigned to
teach mathematics. There are, no doubt, lots of math (and other) teachers at
that level who "just teach and go home". Mrs. Kirby might very well have
encountered some of those.

Rick Simon
U of La Verne