Date: Mar 21, 1995 12:00 PM
Author: Annie Fetter
Subject: nctm-l digest available

Rejoice!  You can now receive the nctm-l mailing list in digest form.  To
change your subscription, you need to send the following message to (note: this is NOT like a listserve - you
are unsubscribing from the nctm-l list and subscribing to nctm-l-digest,
not just changing your mail setting):

unsubscribe nctm-l
subscribe nctm-l-digest

The digests are sent out when the file gets big enough - about once a day,
depending on traffic. Below is the additional info about the digest
version (you'll get another copy of this when you subscribe).

Please contact me with any questions.



This is a digest version of the nctm-l mailing list. Messages are
accumulated and then sent out in a batch when the file gets big enough
(approximately daily, depending on traffice).

The only difference between the digest version and the regular version
(aside from the bunching of messages) is that when you reply to the digest
version, your response goes _to the list_. If you wish to reply to the
author of a post, you must copy their name out of that individual message.
Also, it is helpful if you can change the subject to reflect the specific
post, not the digest itself.

And one more thing: When replying to a message, please delete all parts of
the digest to which you are not referring! It's really rude to include the
whole digest when responding to one little post or statement. Learn how to
use your editor!

If you have problems or questions about any of the above, mail
majordomo-owner (which is just Annie right now) and we'll give you a hand.
Remember to tell us exactly how you read mail.