Date: Mar 30, 1995 7:40 PM
Author: Ronald A Ward
Subject: Chapter Six--Everybody Counts

I am continuing the series, starting today on page 73, with the chapter
entitled "Change."

1. The author claims that "Only in mathematics is poor school
performance socially acceptable," and "Only in America do adults openly
proclaim their ignorance of mathematics as if it were some sort of merit
badge." Is either of these true in your experience and, if so, why?

2. Do many parents in your school district seem to believe that the
mathematics they learned in school is adequate for their children? If
so, how do you think we can convince them otherwise?

3. What "hidden agenda" is masked by public discussion about
mathematics education?

4. What lessons can we learn from previous failures at curricular
reform? What is required from the public for effective change?

5. The author lists at least five areas of mathematics which deserve
greater emphasis in the curriculum. Do you teach from each of these
areas in your classroom?


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