Date: May 6, 1995 3:17 PM
Author: Henri Picciotto
Subject: seeking Lab Gear users

I am the creator of the Lab Gear (algebra manipulatives, available
from Creative Publications) and a co-author of the textbook _Algebra:
Themes, Tools, Concepts_.

These materials are being used in middle schools and high schools; in
high and low tracks and heterogeneous classes; in traditional and
block schedules. I have heard some stunning success stories from many
users of these materials, but many expressed the wish to get more

In order to learn from the successes, and so that we can support each
other, I am thinking of setting up an email discussion group for users
of the Lab Gear and ATTC. We can compare notes, answer each other's
questions, exchange teaching ideas, and so on. If you are interested
in participating in such a group, please send me email.

I am also trying to convince Creative Publications that it would be
useful to publish an occasional newsletter for Lab Gear and ATTC users
who are not on line. If you would like to receive such a newsletter,
or know someone who would, please let me know.


Henri Picciotto
1805 Monterey Avenue (510) 524-3311
Berkeley, CA 94707 fax: 527-3386