Date: May 13, 1995 4:28 PM
Author: Sandra Pratt
Subject: Order of operations (fwd)

	Any answers to this question that I could forward to Kidsphere? 
Sandi Pratt, Fern Hill Elementary, Tacoma, WA

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Subject: Order of operations

Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 16:19:41 -0400
Subject: Order of operations

Here's a question that a student asked that has prompted an interesting
discussion among our math teachers. He said, "Can you give me an 'everyday,
real-life' example of where I would need to use the 'order of operations'
that you're teaching us?" (Parenthese, exponents, mult/div, add/sub.)The
teacher was stumped! Y'know what? So am _I_! I'm having a hard time coming up
with a practical rationale for teaching/using the order of operations. Can
some of you help?
Isn't it possible that we COULD agree to do our math IN ORDER from
left-to-right, as long as we all agree to that? (As in "reverse Polish
notation" that I learned about years ago?)