Date: May 15, 1995 7:35 PM
Author: Ronald A Ward
Subject: When are we ever going to use this stuff?

For those who followed the America's Cup races, it was probably clear that 
whoever _designed_ the New Zealand boat did a superior job, given the clean
sweep of the series against the most experienced skipper around. And,
just as clearly, such design work involved APPLICATIONS OF MATHEMATICS.
So, here is one of those teachable moments about how math gets used.

[In the Northwest, we're proud to say that the designer, Laurie Davidson,
lives right here in Bellingham, sailing capital of the West Coast!]
So, take some vacation days this summer and visit the San Juan Islands and
the Strait of Juan de Fuca by sail or ferry, and see the beautiful Olympic
Peninsula while you're at it. :)

Ron Ward/Western Washington U/Bellingham, WA 98225