Date: May 17, 1995 1:09 PM
Author: Mark Watts
Subject: Virtual Science and Mathematics Fair

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>Washington State University
>College of Education
>April 24, 1995
>Virtual Science and Mathematics Fair '95
>Washington State University's College of Education is hosting a Science
>and Mathematics Fair in the fall of 1995 on the World Wide Web.
>Participation is open to school children and students of any age
>studying for initial teacher certification. Participants, individually
>or in teams, will create science or mathematics projects (or projects
>that integrate the two) and present those projects in the "virtual
>Gymnasium" of Washington State University's on-line school.
>We are encouraging projects involving student collaboration at several
>sites using the Internet. We think these projects will be especially
>interesting because of the added learning dimensions and regional
>exchange possible among Internet users.
>Participants, judges, and spectators will view the projects via the
>World Wide Web. Participants will be expected to be available at their
>on-line poster (i.e., reading their email) to converse with spectators
>and judges on selected Fridays in November and December.
>WSU is hosting this project because we are interested in both the
>science and math projects produced by students, as well as increasing
>our collective understanding about the role of discourse among learners
>as they do, view, and critique on-line science.
>More Fair Information point your web brower at:
> A Vision for the Fair.
> Schedule of Events.
> Entry Categories
> Prize Categories and Judging.
> Participant Registration Forms.
> Example Entries
> Delivering Posters
> Educators' Email Discussion List.
> Fair FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions from the discussion list).
> Send a comment/question/suggestion
>Nils Peterson, Fair Administrator
>236 Cleveland Hall Washington State University
>Pullman WA 99164-2114
>Phone: office: 509/335-4851 (Voice mail usually) Fax: 509/335-9172
>WWW Home Page:

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