Date: May 25, 1995 10:05 AM
Author: Dr. William Tomhave
Subject: Mathematics Department Assessment

The Mathematics Department at Concordia College is in the process of 
carrying out a department assessment. We are planning to look at the
entire program from course offerings and content to teaching methodology
and the use of technology as well as at the role and perception on
mathematics and mathematics education on our college campus.

At this time we are have asked the faculty to reflect on these issues and
we have prepared a survey instrument to be sent to our graduates (majors
and minors). We have also selected a consultant, Dr. Wayne Roberts of
Macalaster College, to help us with the process and assist us in
evaluating what we find.

With this in mind:

1. If you have had experience with a department assessment we would
appreciate any suggestions or insight you might have so that we can make
the most effective use of this opportunity to strengthen our program.

2. Since most of you are products of a mathematics or mathematics
education program we could benefit from your ideas about what an "ideal"
preparation would look like. What elements are essential, what things
could "go", and what items were not part of your program but ought to be
part of a mathematics or mathematics education program in 1995 and beyond.

This assessment process will take several months so I am very interested
in carrying on discussions with interested people. However, unless your
comments would be of wide interest, I would ask that you send you
comments or reactions directly to me via e-mail at:

Thanks in advance for all the help.


Bill Tomhave

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