Date: May 26, 1995 4:43 PM
Author: Bill Richards
Subject: The World-Wide Web - FREE Satellite TV

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broadcast in mid-Michigan on WKAR-TV23
Wednesday, June 7, 1995 1:00pm & 6:00pm EDT

Michigan Gateways Program #308
The World-Wide Web

This edition of Michigan Gateways offers a look at how teachers
can draw on the vast resources of the World-Wide Web (WWW)
computer network to enhance learning for their mathematics and
science students.

In our report for this program we visit just a few of the
thousands of sites on the World-Wide Web that are relevant to math
and science education. Included are comments from Randall Raymond,
a science teacher at Cass Technical High School; and Robert
Filka, Policy Advisor to the Michigan Governor's Office.

Anne Broaddus, teacher at Gates Elementary School in Davison,
Michigan, discusses how she used the Jason Project's on-line
"Spiders of the World" exercise with her fourth grade students.

We sent a message out on the Internet asking teachers about their
experience with the WWW. This segment highlights excerpts from
some of the responses we received.

Here are some materials that teachers may wish to draw upon to
address concerns about child safety and appropriate use on the
World-Wide Web.

Futurist Dr. David Thornburg comments about access to on-line
resources like the Web for mathematics and science education in
the Communication Age.

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