Date: May 28, 1995 12:00 AM
Author: Diana M Thompson
Subject: Rubrics

I have become interested in using Sunburst's Learner Profile (with the Newton) 
as an assessment tool in my high school math classes.

It would help my struggle to develop a list of behaviors that I'd like to
develop and strengthen in my students, and how to assess that progress
accurately, to hear from others: has anyone been using Learner Profile?

Any thoughts on how one can measure development of mathematical thinking, other
than through correct problem-solving on tests composed of problems similar to
those covered in class (in other words, the usual testing that has determined
math grades for the last 30 years) ... ???

Second Question: I have assigned projects this year (often the Swarthmore
Problem of the Week or Month) and have evaluated them without the aid of a
rubric. I am trying to be more precise (a la Learner Profile!) and I wonder if
others have thought about rubrics to use in grading math projects?


D. Thompson
Montebello Unified School District
Montebello, CA