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The trouble is that if you don't accelerate the capable kids, there is
no reason to have more options (statistics, BC CAlculus, ....) better IMO
to put them in the most appropriate placement NOW and create the courses
needed as needed. I can't imagine how much the high level math classes may
change in 6 years with Internet access and WWW etc, Honestly, could you have
anticipated something like the TI-92 6 years ago?????
Pat Ballew "lovin' what I do"
Edgren HS, Misawa, Japan

> John E Owens wrote_____________________________________________________
> Also, if you are offering Algebra I in the 7th grade, what do you have to offer
> in the 12th? If you have a full program for all grades, that's excellent. Bu
> t if you run the kids through AP Calculus in grade 11, what then?