Date: Nov 21, 1995 5:54 PM
Subject: Re: real world nonsense

In a message dated 95-11-21 13:33:55 EST, (Michael Paul
Goldenberg) writes:

>How different is a problem about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
>rate-of-pizza-consumption, and a typical textbook combined rate work
>problem? Mathematically, not at all. But pedagogically, the former just
>might hook a couple of kids who wouldn't otherwise take a serious crack
>at the problem. This is a glib, off-the-top-of-my-head example, but the

You have a point here. One on the things that makes students perk up is
money. When we do compound interest and they realize what would have
happened if the Indians who sold Manhattan $27 had invested this money at,
say 8%, they get pretty excited. Also, the stock market game is a good
gambit. As Voltaire said, " When it comes to money, we're all of the same