Date: Oct 9, 1995 8:29 PM
Author: Rebecca Corwin
Subject: Re: videotapes of elementary math

Judy Roitman has mentioned the videotapes on elementary math we produced at TERC
on an NSF grant. The tapes and the books are being published by Heinemann
(Portsmouth, NH). In November, the book on students' discourse in math classes
("Talking Mathematics: Supporting Students' Voices") is available (it's in the
Resources for Teachers catalogue they just published)--it's priced at $16. At
the same time there is an introductory videotape ("Talking Mathematics:
Supporting Classroom Discourse") that's also available.

In February they'll have the whole Staff Developer's Resource Package
available--containing seven videotapes, two books, problems, readings.
All in one package for staff developers and university people.