Date: Oct 25, 1995 5:14 PM
Author: Ted Alper
Subject: RE: RE:Math Prefixes

I haven't been keeping up with the nctm-l mailing list recently
(so many messages! and my own job is quite busy lately. I had hoped
to write something clarifying Brouwer and intuitionism and how little
the subject has to do with the "constructivism" discussed here, but by the
time I get to it, the topic will be long forgotten.) -- so I apologize
if this reference has been cited already.

Anyway, on the subject of calendars and mathematics, my friend Ilan
Vardi had a chapter in his book Mathematica Recreations (later
retitled something like "Computer recreations in mathematics" -- to
appeal to an audience a bit broader than Mathematica users), published
by Addison Wesley on "mixed radix systems" which in effect, calendars
are. He includes (if I remember correctly) information on Indian,
Mayan, Julian/Gregorian, Jewish, Islamic and French Revolutionary
calendars (though he omits the Italian Fascist calendar -- does anyone
know the structure of it? Did they just rename the months?) and puts
them in an interesting mathematical framework.

Ted Alper