Date: Sep 9, 1995 3:58 PM
Subject: Rowser and Koontz

We never said or even suggested that Rowser and Koontz are
racist; the same for M. Goldenberg. We merely said that the
lines of inquiry that R & K pursue raise very serious and,
in our opinion, dangerous issues. These lines have been used
by out and out racists (Shockley et. al.). There is absolutely
no need to pursue them, since, as we have pointed out, the
same ends of promoting diverse modes of education can be
achieved by recognizing the varied needs of students and by
treating each as an individual.

We said: "The stereotyping of students' learning styles by race
or ethnicity is just as harmful as William Schockley's
infamous claim that humans are `color-coded' for intelligence."
Whether intentional or not, this stereotyping is harmful.

It is rather bizarre to take someone to task because he
doesn't find something to agree with in a critique of his

--- Mark B.