Date: Nov 13, 2000 5:24 PM
Author: Annie Fetter
Subject: Mathematics and the election

This year's Presidential election has provided an excellent
opportunity to get students interested in the American political
system. For example, Guy Brandenburg posted to math-teach explaining
the lesson on voting theory that he did with his students
[]. Many of us
here at the Math Forum have been sharing links to resources and
interesting discussions, and wanted to give others an opportunity to
share more publically. You can see some of the items we've come up
with on this page about "Math and Elections",

What resources have you been using with your students to study and
explain the mathematics involved in the election process? For
example, last Thursday the New York Times made available a lesson
entitled, "Rocking the Vote: Exploring Popular and Electoral Votes and
Their Influence in Determining the Presidency"
There have also been some interesting discussions on the apstat and
sci.math lists (you can find those through

Post your suggestions to this list or mail them to Suzanne Alejandre
at We'll add new resources to our page and
will continue to update it as more items are suggested.



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