Date: Jun 13, 1996 12:31 PM
Author: Alan Pollock
Subject: Re: Uncle Al's remarks

Karlo Takki ( wrote:
: In article <>
: Zoltan Kiefer <> writes:

: > Have a nice 21st century, America! Have fun learning Spanish!

: Chinga su madre, hijo de maricon.

: --k.

Uncle Zoltan has obviously been passed-by when it comes to a sense of
humor, Or any sense of being lightened-up. It seems rather that he has
an axe to grind against Americans, while he's studying at Syracuse.

I suggest he immerse himself in cultural studies, which could very well
help him wherever he resides or works in the future - even in the U.S. He
may then perhaps refrain from being a pot calling a kettle black (when
said kettle merely indulged in a light humor I won't even bother to
evaluate here).

Lighten up, Zolt. Nex