Date: Jun 13, 1996 8:06 PM
Author: James Harris
Subject: small an ocean

We live in possibly the greatest times ever. And we have access to more
information than ever before. A lot of really smart people are out there
making great discoveries. But I guess for me it's also a reminder of my
limitations as a human being. When I was a kid growing up, I was on the
top of the heap as far as smarts went. Everyone told me I would do great
things. Well, I won't say I won't, but having reached my twenty-sixth
birthday, I realize that there are sharp limitations on what I'll
accomplish in this lifetime.

So, kind of railing against the inevitable, I went through my quarter
life crisis and did so publicly with Quixotic attempts at Fermat's Last
Theorem. At least I'm not in small company, I guess. And, at least, the
problem has been solved by Wiles.

And, best of all, although I might have to lower my assumptions about how
great I might be someday, I know what I really value. and I already have
much of that.

So, with the end of my quarter life crisis, I'll stop wasting people's
time with attempts at conquering a mountain with a spoon. Actually, I
never was all that good at math, even though I like the subject. I'm
more of a history buff.