Date: Dec 5, 1996 4:43 AM
Author: David Klein
Subject: MapleV: using evalhf with infinite integral.

I would like to integrate a function like



but with a more time consuming integrand, f.

evalf instead of evalhf works, but I am trying to be faster.

I have tried also sorts of methods such as using "Int" instead of
"int", using g:=unapply(f,x) or g:=unapply(evalhf(f,x)) or
g:=evalhf(unapply(f,x)) or g:=x -> evalhf(f). I also tried the above
with combinations of quoting the integrand 'g(x)' or even ''g(x)'' etc...

Can anyone tell me how to use evalhf as efficiently as possible in
these cases?

Thanks, David

David Klein