Date: Jun 14, 1996 4:15 AM
Author: Jonas Larsson
Subject: WWW: CFD Online, New Version

The new version (2.1.0) of "CFD Online" is now publicly available at:

This is a major new release.

"CFD Online" is a large collection of online information related
to Computational Fluid Dynamics. The aim is to give an overview of
the vast resources available on the net for people working with CFD.

Here is a copy of the "What's New" section:

Version 2.1.0

o All sections have been revised and updated. More than 100 new
links have been added since the previous version (2.0.17)

o A new experimental search engine makes it possible to search all
pages with one query. For the moment only local pages are indexed.

o Many new entries in the "Homepage Database".

o The former "Test Cases and Databases" section has been moved to
the new "References" section, which also has new subsections covering
"Airfoils" and "Material Properties and Constants".

o The "Jobs, Open Positions and Consulting" section has been extended

o The "Misc" section has been restructured, and now contains the new
subsections "CFD Introductions", "Educational Resources", "Pictures
and Movies", "CFD Gurus" and "Misc Misc".

o The "CFD User Database" will soon pass 200 registered CFD users. If
you haven't registered yet you can do so directly with the online
registration form.

o All links have been verified to work.

o AIAA and ASME are now online, and have of course been added where

o In addition to this there are a number of small improvements. As
usual new links can easily be identified by the "NEW" icon.

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