Date: Mar 18, 2000 2:53 PM
Author: Milo Gardner
Subject: Unitary (Egyptian) fractions

Kevin Brown tries very hard to keep his discussion on this subject
'Egyptian' in character while also discussing modern number theory.
Hugo and his methods seem heavily weighted to the present, meaning
that his work does not present Egyptian fraction - but only finite
unit fractions.

The same modern view of number theory can classify David Eppstein's
work, someone with over 10 years of experience in this field, Yet,
even David does not take time out from over 40 methods to generally
convert p/q, any rational number, to a finite unit fraction series,
to test his methods agains the ancient texts - such as the RMP
2/nth table.

That is, Hugo's point that there is no shorter series than 7-terms
is rather over stated, excluding Eppstein's 40 + algorithmetic
methods, and my two basic non-algorithmetic methods.

Regards to all,

Milo Gardner
Sacramento, CA