Date: Sep 15, 2004 11:29 AM
Author: Pat ballew
Subject: RE: Probability of a Triangle

I love the last statement here where the stick is bronken at random, and
then the selection of which of the two sticks to break again is a
probability distribution based on their relative sizes, of course there are
still an abundant number of ways to rank that probability, but I think I
want to try the most direct, what if the probability of selecting either
stick was in the ratio of their length to the whole,, so if part a was 1/4 "
and part B was 3/4 " then the prob of picking A is 1/4 and the prob of
picking B is 3/4... A nice extension to the problem.... Any quick solutions?

Pat Ballew
Lakenheath, UK


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Subject: Re: Probability of a Triangle

On May 29 15:45:21 1996, Pat Ballew wrote:
> a) If a unit length segment is randomly broken at two points
> its length, what is the probability that the three pieces
created in
> this fashion will form a triangle?
> b) If the length is broken at a random point, and then one of

the two
> pieces is randomly selected and broken at a random point on its
> what is the probability that the three pices will form a