Date: Dec 2, 2004 5:31 PM
Author: Chergarj
Subject: Re: Pre-Algerbra and Geometry are subjects in which my son needs help.

Still somewhat confusing, but the difficulty  is in language more than the
algebra or the logic. I'm not overly worried. We can examine these equations
and apply fairly low level facts and transformations; then we can struggle with
bringing in the precise language of natural English to discuss the situation.

G C discusses:
>Apparantly you did not approve of my choice of words. No offense intended,
>but I think "wrong" is an accurate description, even if you wouldn't say it.
>Not the only description by any means, but definitely an accurate one.
>There are many legitimate words one can use in place of "wrong" if one so
>chooses. ToMAYto, toMAHto. No big deal. Plus, it's no fun when everyone
>says the same thing :-).
>I believe what you were trying to get across, which is a very legitimate
>point, is that a/b=b/a is not *always* true the way ab=ba is always true,
>but simply botched the explanation. An honest mistake, but certainly worth
>pointing out so that the OP does not leave with unchallenged, incorrect
>Since you brought it up, "incomplete" definitely would be an incorrect (IOW,
>wrong) description. Omitting the word "only" in your above statement would
>qualify it as being incomplete since the statement would actually be true,
>just lacking in some very relevant details. The above, as written, is
>simply untrue. The first word makes the entire sentence untrue. What you
>said was close to being true but 'close' only counts in horseshoes and hand
>grenades :-).

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