Date: Jan 22, 2005 10:09 PM
Subject: Please help me simplify this expression.

Hello. I have the following expression. I have got it figured out
except I am missing a minor detail that is causing me to have 2x+1
instead of 2(x+1) in my final numerator. Please help!

Note that x^1 is (x to the first power) ^-(1/2) is to the negative 1/2
power etc...

Problem: [x(x+2)^-(1/2) + (x+2)^(1/2) ] / (x+2)^(3/2)

I first separate out the problem and combine the lower exponents to get
[x((2/(x+2)) + 1/(x+2)] / (x+2)

Then I distribute the x
[2x/(x+2) + 1/(x+2)] / (x+2)

Now combine like terms
[(2x+1)/(x+2)] / (x+2)

Now multiply
[(2x+1)/(x+2)] * 1/(x+2)

my final result is
2x+1 / (x+2)^2
What step am I missing to get quantity 2(x+1) / (x+2)^2???


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