Date: Dec 7, 2004 10:52 AM
Author: Allison Armstrong
Subject: Eating Grapes funpow

Several weeks ago my class had a big disagreement about the "eating
grapes" FunPOW. Some got an answer of 76 grapes and some got an
answer of 8 grapes. It all depends on how you interpret the problem.
The "100 grapes in all" can be interpreted as 100 grapes for the whole
week, or that she ate 100 grapes on Friday. I am pretty sure that the
answer is 8 grapes, but it isn't clear. I had my class submit both
answers to you to see what you all would say. It is interesting to
note that all the students that said the answer was 8 grapes had help
from their parents.

Thank you for these problems.