Date: Jun 14, 2005 4:16 PM
Author: Craig Russell
Subject: Top "N" Listing

I'm thinking of a "top N list" for Statistics, and would love to contribute to similar lists for Algebra 1 and Geometry (my most recent classroom experiences).  Is there a format that might be useful?  I was thinking of

Tool - What is does - Why it's valuable

but maybe also include specific topics within the course? Have programmers thought of a way to incorporate the "top N list" idea into the home page (or catalog)?

Also, I'd like to encourage ANYONE who submits a tool for Don's "Top N List" to WRITE A REVIEW of the tool! As I am putting my Stats list together, I have found at least one tool I hadn't yet reviewed, but I rectified that oversight immediately!

(I'll be posting my Stats Top N in the discussion under Don's prompt in a few hours... once I've wound down from today's workshop).