Date: Jun 15, 2005 7:38 PM
Author: Gene Klotz
Subject: Hello out there!

Gee, you folks must be as busy as I am! I've been running hard to keep up with all the good things and there are just too many good things.

I hope that you (who know these things) can get back to Jeff's Wednesday question--what is out there for pre-algebra, in particular involving his needs of developing long division skills and for substraction involving special numbers. And who out there is working in that general direction, teachers or developers?

From talking to you I also know you could reel off your top N tools for many subjects, where N is pretty large. How about modestly writing them down for N =3 or 5 or 10? I share Don's appreciation of Craig's format, to be found in his "Statistics top 4".

The nice thing about discussion groups is that these questions will be up there when you get a bit of time. I subscribe. I look forward to learning from you.