Date: Jun 16, 2005 6:18 AM
Author: Suzanne Alejandre
Subject: Thursday at the ToolFest

Time is flying by! It's amazing that it's already the fourth day of our Tool Fest but when I look at all of the things that have been happening this week it makes sense that it is Thursday today.

Have you noticed the increase in ratings? I was browsing using these selections:

-- Course: Math 7
-- Resource Type: Tools
-- Technology Type: Java Applets

and the page returned had a lot of stars! So for fun I clicked on "Rating" so that I could see all of the rated resources first and there were three full pages (with a few also on the fourth page)!

As Gene has often said, it is really helpful to have rated tools (by users who have really tried the tools in learning situations). Try going to your favorite course(s) and see how many ratings show up. If there aren't too many yet, look for some of the resources that you know you've used this year and click on those stars!

We know that writing a "Review" takes a little more time. Were the tips that Craig gave helpful? He and I noticed that no new reviews were generated yesterday. When a Math Tools Community member writes a Review, it enters the "back office" and has to be approved before it's actually posted to the public side of Math Tools. Does the fact that someone (usually me) will be reading it first make the idea of writing one a little easier?

You can get some very nice samples by going here:

You'll find links to the 25 (and counting) reviews that Craig has written since last summer!

Today I will draft Don's Top N List just to give folks an idea of what those will look like. As others post to his discussion I'll make other pages for their lists. This response that I wrote to Craig earlier in the week lists how will go forward for now with the idea:

If there are tools on your Top N Lists that haven't yet been cataloged, please remember to submit them by going here:

Today's Daily Focus, Identifying Math Tools for Your Specific Needs, will be led by Wanda. She has been working to align tools to the Arkansas Math 7 and 8 Curriculum. It's impressive!

This afternoon (Eastern time) from 2:00 - 4:00 Geri will be hosting the Feature Event, Sketchpad for Young Learners.

Jeff's Questions of the Day have been generating some very good conversations. You'll find the question for Thursday linked from the homepage under What's Hot or you can go to it directly using this link:

Enjoy the day!