Date: Jun 20, 2005 6:36 PM
Author: Gene Klotz
Subject: A Benediction (with hope for continuing!)

We had an exciting week and the great thing about asynchronous discussions is that we can keep going back to them and adding stuff when we have time! I know I plan to do that and I hope you do as well.

The Schedule,, is a good place to go to see what went on and find out where to add to discussions.

So where do we go from here? Please tell us your sense of what's next via the Lounge discussion. Examples:

- Weekly: focus our attention on some of the things that went by too fast or that could stand to be revisited. Egs:
***** Wanda would love more help in various aspects of her Arkansas Math 7 and 8 Curriculum Framework (note that such work could be easily translated into Top N lists, as well),
***** Responses to Jeff's questions have just started and if continued can provide an area for rich discussions,
***** We'd love to see continued work on basic Math Tools activities sparked by Don's Top N Lists, Craig's Reviewing, Ihor's Stories.

- Every so often we could focus on new topics, perhaps have smaller Fests every so often instead of the week-long variety. What do you prefer? Which topics? E.g. there are paeans being sung to SmartBoards in that discussion topic. Should we do something special for them? Or what would you like?

- We could have an August Fest, as folks have already suggested. When? With what topics?

Many of you played with ConcertChat, a chat room with a shared whiteboard which is quite intriguing, if still under development. One of the developers, Martin, is at the Forum for a few months and will want to talk with folks. We've asked him to post his current To Do list in the Lounge so that folks know what he's working on and can give additional ideas.

Also, Wes Shumar, our ethnographer, as indicated in his Friday post, hopes to interview some of you so save up all those comments ...

It was a really exciting and interesting week, you guys, and I'd like to play it back 'slow mo' so I could participate more. I plan to continue to participate in what we started last week, but in the future! You're a wonderful crowd and because of you we expect the Math Tools site may achieve its true potential. Stand back, world!

Warm wishes and lots of gratitude, Gene