Date: Jul 2, 2005 10:19 AM
Author: Gerry Stahl
Subject: WIKI discussion of multidisciplinarity

I created a page in the ELOC WIKI ( for our discussion of multidisciplinarity.

I inserted my comments and set up space for Sharon, Wes, Dan, etc. to add theirs from their recent emails. Of course, anyone can add further thoughts.

Also, Dan and others should add their ideas on Focal Groups and the agenda for our first meeting ... or new pages.

Do not forget, to be able to Edit the Wiki pages, use the "Preferences" link on the Wiki page, create a UserName and password for yourself, and use this
Administrator Password: mathforum. Instructions for editing the WIKI are given at the link at the bottom of each WIKI page, "How to use this" after you click on the "Edit this page" link. You can learn how to wiki in a matter of several fun minutes.

Finally, lets try to use this list server for project email. You can access it from the WIKI home page. That way, we all have a shared email archive.