Date: Jul 21, 2005 8:18 PM
Author: Gene Klotz
Subject: ConcertChat on Monday

Ok, Folks, our first Extended Tool Fest Activity begins on Monday with ConcertChat. (I need serious help with a name that gives a good acronym --ETFA doesn't work nor does EMTA--Help, Help!)

ConcertChat is a real blast--wish I had the following info before trying to use it during June Tool Fest.

Martin has made up web pages for us:

Intro and Overview:

Short Manual:

Extensions planned:

Try out ConcertChat:


So give a try and join us Monday at 2 EST. Martin will be around for an hour to answer questions and explain this wonderful software tool -- and we'll try to leave good discussion so latecomers can learn a lot, as well as enjoying our wit and charm.

Please note that questions before the Monday session about getting ConcertChat set up can be posted to this Tool Fest Lounge. Afterward, folks unable to attend the session can post questions there and we'll all know so much we'll be able to answer them!


Who's up for a week from Monday (or so)? Suggestions, please (to me if you're shy) to Lounge otherwise.

Hoping to Chat with you on Monday,