Date: Aug 22, 2006 4:11 PM
Author: Alexander Bogomolny
Subject: Re: Induction proof


Here's my mail to you:

Dave, hello:

It was not that difficult. But you were not recruiting for Google, either.

Your name definitely sounds a bell and, unless your were peddling a solution to the doubling of cube problem or asking to solve a home work problem (which of course you did not), I would respond. Last year I've been losing mail because of too generic spam filters. The episode lasted about 4-5 months before I was alerted to the mishap. In all likelihood, your mail shared the fate of several unlucky ones. I am sorry for that.

So, you spent some time in Iowa. I always remember the city and the people very fondly. I know that Atkinson has retired and Stroyan received an MAA prize. Gatica is a professor, and Seaman an associate professor. There are many new people, too. How did you like it there?

Please feel free to share whetever impressions your brought from there. I am ever curious.

All the best,

Obviously I am not going to get a job at google. My mail has returned. Its contents are still valid and express my sincere desire to get some news from Iowa. But there's so much time I am prepared to spend on your riddle.

All the best,