Date: Oct 26, 2006 4:02 AM
Author: Guest
Subject: [HM] question about term "normal"

Dear J. Grabiner:
On the Wolfram page which you quote, the topic is "normal numbers". This
is quite an old bundle of concepts, discussed extensively, e.g., in the
book "Uniform dustribution of sequences" by KUIPERS and NIEDERREITER.
According to these authors, the concept dates back to some publications
by Emile Borel, of 1909 and 1914. The concept is related to equal
distribution on finite sets as well as to uniform distribution of real
numbers modulo one. I learned about normal numbers from my teacher
Edmund Hlawka who also treats them in his book on uniform distribution.
I am not aware that any author treating normal numbers mentioned "normal
Best regards, Peter Flor (Graz, Austria).