Date: Jan 24, 2007 3:15 AM
Author: galathaea
Subject: Re: Lubos Motl's forced resignation from Harvard University Physics Department

On Jan 23, 9:09 pm, fishfry <> wrote:
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> > > > Lubos was, in reality, fired last week or so from Harvard Physics
> > > > DepartmentNothing about this on Woit's blog. Is this confirmed?

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> > it is already on his wikibio
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> > in words eerily similar to jack's...

> As of 9pm Tuesday (pdt) Motl's Wiki page has been purged of the
> paragraph in question. I only know about all this stuff from what I read
> on the Web ... but would Harvard fire a physicist for antics on Amazon?

i am sure you already are aware
that people with the mathematical skill
and physical understanding
of lubos' level
often have strong visual obssessions

they tend to write or draw many diagrams and figures
and attach complex meanings to their forms

these types of obssessions can be very tiring
as visual processing is particularly energy intensive

so the strongly mathematical can be more sleepy
particularly this time of year
with short days keeping melatonin levels high
and seasonal affect disorder setting in

my point is that explosive conflicts are common this time of year
and particularly for those who spend much energy
to think deeply about things

i suspect lubos began to overfocus on something
some dynamic went bad for him
and he may have legitimately resigned
feeling unforced in the maneuver

if the story pans out

jack's wikiediting aside

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