Date: Jan 24, 2007 3:31 PM
Author: Brian  Quincy  Hutchings
Subject: Re: Lubos Motl's forced resignation from Harvard University Physics Department

excellent comparison, considering that *some* one broke the "chain
of evidence" with OJ's bloodsample.

> >

> abusive, evidence-falsifying all-'round bad cop and
> now he's the 'expert' CNN uses anytime there's an
> issue involving police. He should be in jail, but

Hollinger began as an arms manufacturer,
sort-of like EMI. so, look forward to the day when
Obnoxico Music Corp. gets into laser pistols.

this just in:
yesterday's (Tues,. Nov.15) *UCLA Daily Bruin* finally noted that
darfur is entirely Muslim, though downplaying it AMAP.

Dick Cheeny, Don Rumsfeld, Osama bin Latin and HARRY POTTER
-- which is a real, fictional character? -- form a mission
to Darfur, to prevent a war instead of to start one:
if Darfur is "100% Muslim," then
what's really going on, there?
is it just aother British Quag for USA soldiers to get bogged
into, with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan et al ad vomitorium,
under auspices of the UN and NATO?
why won't the Bruin publish the fact of Islam on the ground,

Why doesn't the [UCLA Daily] Bruin report that
Darfur's populace is "100%" Muslim,
according to the DAC's sponsor,
Terry Saunders?...
"99%" was the figure given
by Brian Steidle, when I finally found
him at the Hammer, after everyone else
had left (he, his friend & I were the
very last to leave!)...
What could it possibly mean?

--The Other Side (if it exists ... nah !-)