Date: Feb 13, 2007 12:36 AM
Author: Kirby Urner
Subject: Re: MPG:  Vast Underfunding

The book is online.

I just randomly went to a chapter and grabbed the
opening two paragraphs:


As mentioned earlier, limited-liability, abstract
corporate "beings" needed no passports to travel
altogether invisibly across national borders. Soon
after World War II, America's five hundred largest
corporations became supranational, taking with them
(out of the United States) the invisible legal controls
over what had been born as American industry with all
its "know-how." The knowhow had been paid for initially
by the U.S. people through their government's wartime
(or "on the brink of wartimes") underwriting of the
prime technologies as initially developed only for the
U.S. Department of Defense or the Manhattan Project or
the space program, developed in wartime at government
("we the people's") expense and turned over gratis
for "operational efficiency" in "peacetime" to privately
owned corporations.

World War I brought vast munitions-buying on credit by
the U.S. government, and the figures ran into multi-
millions of dollars as private U.S. industrial
corporations acquired postwar operational rights to all
the wartime government-financed new-era technology
production machinery. Stockholders prospered. World War
II saw the same U.S. government credit employed to
produce "multi-vaster" new-technology munitions, with
the dollar figures running this time into the multi-
billions of dollars. World War III's third-of-a-century
of "cold-warring" between the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R., waged
vicariously through many hot-war puppeted nations, has
seen the annual munitions figures running into the multi-
trillions of dollars. The U.S.A. 1981 "national" debt is
over a trillion dollars, and the U.S. cannot pay even
the interest on that debt. We can very properly call
World War I the million-dollar war and World War II the
billion-dollar war and World War III the trillion-dollar


And this reads like babble, jabberwocky to Haim. Makes
no sense to the poor guy. He just can't puzzle out *any*
of the above. Awwwwwww.