Date: Mar 15, 2007 5:56 AM
Author: LBoogie
Subject: Publicon: Skipped Figure numbers

I am using Publicon 1.0.1 to write my dissertation.  However, I
created some of my tables using Excel. I typically use the Insert
Table command to insert a table template with caption. Then it would
be easy for me to simply reference the Table using Target/Insert XRef.

I thought it would be easy to replace the Table template with the
Excel Table by Copy/Paste. Now I have a custom table underneath the
auto-numbered caption.

Unfortunately, all of my Figure captions has increased by one. It
appears that the Figure numbering is based on the number of pictures
in the document. Publicon is interpreting the pasted table as a
picture. How do I prevent Publicon from renumbering my Figures
references after pasting a picture under a Table caption.