Date: Mar 20, 2004 1:10 AM
Author: Glenn C. Rhoads
Subject: Re: Hex Win Proof?

Tim Brauch <RnEeMwOs.pVoEst@tbrauch.cNOoSPAMm> wrote in message news:<Xns94B1B0DB1B331webmastertbrauchcom@>...
> What would be more interesting is trying to explain to a lay person that
> whoever goes first should win, unless they screw it up. That is why
> whenever I play, I always go second. If I lose, it was destined.

You mean you don't use the swap rule? It is near universal.

Swap rule: After the first player's initial move, the second player
has the option of either responding with his move or swapping sides
and taking the initial play as his first turn.

The idea is that the first player needs to make an initial play that
leads to a roughly equal game. If the first player makes a very
strong move opening move, then the second player will swap sides and
start with an advantage. If the first player makes a weak opening move,
then the second player won't swap and again will start with an
advantage. Without the swap rule, the first player gets a strong
advantage simply by opening in the center hex (or one of two central
hexes for even sized boards). In practice, the swap rule does a good
job of equalizing the game. It also leads to more varied opening play.