Date: Jul 9, 2007 5:56 PM
Author: Antonija Horvatek
Subject: Using projector + GSP in math teaching


I want to notify you about my web site, .

You can find there many GSP (The Geometer's Sketchpad) files and several PPT presentations. I usually use them with projector.
You can download all files and use it in your teaching as well. Also, you can make changes in these materials if you want.
But, if you want to use them for publishing on your web site, in giving lectures, workshops etc., then it is necessary to ask and to get permision of the author (me).

I appologize in advance for all my mistakes in English. My English isn't perfect but I had great wish to translate and publish it. I belive you will understand all/most of my materials.

Thanks in advance for all comments, corrections, suggestions...

Antonija Horvatek
math teacher in Croatia, Europe