Date: Oct 13, 2007 3:43 AM
Author: Ramiro Barrantes-Reynolds
Subject: Re:  Format->Magnification does not

I have the same problem, the magnification popup on the bottom right  
doesn't show on linux (ubuntu feisty). The magnification function
itself on the menu doesn't work properly either, it only magnifies the
cells that are selected, instead of the entire notebook. It works
fine on Mac OS X.

Thanks in advance,

Quoting Nasser Abbasi <>:

> "Martin Schnabl" <> wrote in message
> news:fek94k$l8u$

>> Hi Bhuvanesh,
>> I am using Mathematica 6.0.0 for Linux. I don't seem to have any "popup
>> menu at the bottom right of the notebook window".
>> What did you have in mind?
>> Best, Martin

> Do you mean you do NOT see this in your notebook on Linux? see screen shot
> below
> Nasser