Date: Feb 13, 2008 8:11 AM
Author: John Manimas Medeiros
Subject: Pi Appeal

Pi appeal:  Please let me know if I made a mistake.  I show my work, work of more than sixteen years, at, my detailed proposition that there has always been a correct positive answer to the riddle about squaring the circle.  (My website is fun!) We can construct a line length of Pi to the ninth decimal place - 3.141592653... - and then construct squares and circles equal in area precise to the billionth of a unit (or better).  That means comparison of a ten square kilometer SQUARE with a ten square kilometer CIRCLE, on a hand-held electronic calculator, comes up EQUAL.  So I cry out for some consideration.  If you feel that I must be wrong, please check my work, and let me know where is my error.  There is a credible argument that my discovery results in the construction of Pi EXACTLY, because proportion in Nature is probably more precise than even our binary electronic computers, which rely on the physical properties of semi-conductors.  These are physical properties, meaning physical limitations, like the gears in a Swiss watch.    
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