Date: Feb 27, 2008 9:07 PM
Author: John D'Errico
Subject: Re: eigenvector

dofour <> wrote in message 
> Hi
> Is there an easy way to calculate the eigenvectors in which the first column

is normalized to 1? eg. A is a 3x3 matrix, I want to get eigenvectors of A with
the first eigenvector to be a unit vector.
> Thanks.

I'm not sure what you want. The eigenvectors
returned by eig will automatically have norm 1

Are you asking to find a set of eigenvectors in
which the first eigenvector is specifically the
unit vector [1 0 0]'?

If this is what you want, it is not possible in the
general case, since that vector is not necessarily
an eigenvector. Do you know that the vector
above truly is an eigenvector, and you just want
to find the other two eigenvectors?